Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lying Wetly Next to Her

No matter what I do, I can't get clean of you.
Yea, you carried in the rope, hanging like fruit that dying hope.
Drifting through flowers crushed by soul less feet.
Keeping desire close to the mud, afar from the heart.
Lying wetly next to her in Estancia.
Take me higher, higher, tighter as I come down, 
From the addiction of you.
It's down to me and the dead one.
Deadened like the steel in her heart.
I walk through the fire, singeing and meat falling off.
Alone and forever forgotten. I burn alone.
The visions don't stop, the loving don't end.
The effigy brings nothing, but more.

copyright 2015 salvador cordova

UFC 186 : Johnson vs Horiguchi

It seems Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson reluctantly plays the UFC's version of Rodney Dangerfield. He gets no respect. Since his loss to then champion Dominick Cruz at 135 pounds, Mighty Mouse dropped to flyweight and cleaned out a (not his fault) weak division. Unbeaten for 8 fights (including 1 draw against Ian McCall) he has no star power to fare against. Critics said well he only wins by decision. So he finished 3 of his last 4 foes. The UFC's biggest problem with him is finding not only suitable challengers, but also challengers the fans want to see Mighty Mouse against. Kyoji Horiguchi is certainly talented, if untested, enough to fight for the flyweight belt.The problem is no one can say his name and no one cares.

Demetrious Johnson (-900) should not be blamed for either his talent or lack of talent in his division. His speed, technique, discipline, and physical talent are perfect for the flyweight division. He arrived a step ahead. Prepared and ready. Spending years at higher weight classes against fighters not as talented but bigger and stronger. Now, on even ground he runs circles around them. Literally. Mighty Mouse's biggest asset is the ability to dictate how, when and where the fight takes place. This is not a simple matter of he can stay standing or get the takedown. No sir. This is high level only the little guy can do it Octagon control. He has lateral movement, can dart in and out, strike from far away or close by. Try and take him down. If he stays still for more than a millisecond. Since his move to flyweight all I have seen Johnson do is use the absolute best footwork and movement in the fight business to frustrate and beat every opponent. Can he finish? He may not push it or force mistakes but if he hurts his opponent? He'll either be out cold or in some submission in a matter of half seconds. And Mighty Mouse making a mistake? Sure. Hold your breath on that. Be the blue guy in the corner waiting on that.

Kyoji Horiguchi (600) is 15 - 1, 4 and 0 in the UFC. Japanese. Quick. With power. Unpredictable, like every Japanese fighter. To say he is undeserving of the title shot is an insult to him and his achievements. Japanese fighters have yet to hold UFC gold. Don't let that fool you into thinking Horiguchi is subpar. No one is 15 - 1 and on a 9 fight win streak without some sort of talent, drive and grit. American fans will say, "well who has he beat?" Come on, how many flyweights could we name? We really don't know the quality of his opponents. But he's beat all but one. His last showing against Louis Gaudinot didn't answer many questions. Gaudinot is on a losing streak himself. He's also the only man to finish John Lineker in the UFC, Dana White's chosen NBT. The fight was competitive, back and forth between Horiguchi and Gaudinot. And that's the problem. No knock on Gaudinot but being competitive against him is your best, take your paycheck and go home come Main Event time. It took time for Horiguchi to find himself in that time. At times Gaudinot outworked and outhustled him. You can bank that time to adjust will not be granted to him by Johnson. If he fights that way against Mighty Mouse it'll be nite nite Kyoji. He must use his own speed and movement to at least stay within range. Horiguchi's key will be his unpredictability. He's not unorthodox at all. Opponents just have a hard time readig when or from where he will strike. Maybe he can catch Mighty Mouse.

Kyoji Horiguchi tends to set and put his all into his strikes. And that will be his undoing. That half second or whatever it takes for him to set Johnson will see it and either attack or disappear. We'll spend an evening watching attacking ghosts. Demetrious Johnson is simply at another level much like Mayweather or a 2008 Anderson Silva. Simply unmatched. I'll take Mighty Mouse by 4th round submission. 

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Note on the Dirty Napkin

Just a tired old man, of thirty two.
Warm whiskey in every sip, hugging something
that's long gone.
The note on the dirty napkin she left said
"Why'd you even come back?
You knew I loved him the day we met."
The wind howls all her lies, time and again.
He takes another drink,
Continuing his dance at the edge of the flames.
Knowing he's done been burned.
It's that damn cold that gets him, moving slower, hurting longer.
His mind manufactures warmer weather down in Mexico.
That snow outside his door don't melt with a heart as cold as hers.
All those lies and a gutted life.
And another drink, and another, and another.
His fooled heart just can't thaw this one out.
He stumbles through the snow.
Filled with thoughts of a woman who loved the words letting go.
His mind captures her eyes as he sleeps in the unforgiving cold.
Wishing he could dream, but all he sees is that marooned smile.

copyright 2015 salvador cordova

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I don't need to do that anymore

I hear my name on that killing floor,
Hand in hand with a Mexican whore.
Chop the bumps in a bathroom stall,
Take that stylish drink, and screw them all.
The things I do, you can't explain.
As your dress falls, all you'll do
is ask for more and I'll forget your name.
I see my reflection, a thousand times,
On that disco ball.
But I don't see you.
I don't need to do that anymore.

copyright 2015 salvador cordova

Friday, April 17, 2015

Voices Scream Desires

Far down, so far down
Where even the cold don’t come
around no more. And
is just a breath away from death.

Voices scream desires.
Some are dead and some are dyin’.
Their words are meant to fuck you up.
Cut you and slice you. Murder.
And we never touch each other,
Scared of feeling.
And I breathe in death.
I breathe your stench,
the flavor of the month.

copyright 2006 salvador cordova